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Becoming the best lawyer you can be

During your training contract you will work for high-profile clients on often precedent setting cases. The work is challenging and fast paced. In return for your hard work, we will provide you with a supportive environment and top quality work, enabling you to become the best and most rounded lawyer that you can be.

When you join the firm you will have a comprehensive induction during which you will learn about the firm and our industry sectors, undertake training in time recording, and our IT systems and you will also complete the Professional Skills Course (PSC) which is a requirement for all Trainees.

During each of your seats you will be supervised by an experienced Associate or Partner and you will gain practical experience in our areas of work. You will have a mid-seat appraisal and an end of seat appraisal with your supervisor for each of your first year seats, and an end of seat appraisal for the seats that you complete during your second year. The appraisal process is designed to build on a culture of continued feedback, and to provide you with an idea of your strengths, weaknesses and goals for the remainder of each seat and going forwards.

Our aim with all Trainees is to help you to develop into the best and most rounded lawyer that you can be, so we encourage our Trainees to gain experience in a range of different industries and legal areas, both on transactional and contentious work. We take your seat preferences very seriously and you have regular meetings with the Graduate Recruitment Manager to discuss your seat choices and career aspirations. Each time that you change seats you are invited to submit a list of three seat preferences, and the firm does its best to allocate you to one of your preferred choices. If this is not possible, then you are given priority in the next seat allocation process. Most Trainees find that by the end of their training contact they have had a chance to experience at least one of their first-choice seats – and in many cases the number of first-choice seat allocations is higher. When it comes to allocating international seats, we consider your experience to-date, your motivations for wanting to complete a seat in your specified location and the business requirements of each office. Aside from Paris, where a working knowledge of French is essential, it is not necessary to speak a foreign language to complete a seat abroad.

We are committed to progressing and developing our Trainees and our NQ retention rate is one of the highest in the industry. Our recent retention rates have been consistently high – 85% (2016), 82% (2015), 89% (2014).