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Roxanne Langford

Trainee Solicitor

My first experience of HFW was attending an open day run in collaboration with Aspiring Solicitors. Aspiring Solicitors aims to increase diversity in the legal profession; something which HFW is committed to. I am now a Professional Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors and it is brilliant when members join us as Trainees. Following on from the open day, I completed a vacation scheme with HFW in Spring 2016, where I was sat with the Construction Group. The fact that I had done a biology degree did not matter, I was given interesting legal work and was welcomed into the firm. The social events run alongside the vacation scheme were a great way to meet the current Trainees and get an insight into life at HFW.

The LPC gave me a chance to get to know future colleagues. We completed modules such as International Trade and Advanced Commercial Litigation, which gave a more tailored insight into some of the work at HFW.

The first seat of my training contract was with the Construction Group in London. As a Trainee I was quickly exposed to the truly international scope of work that this team undertakes and the international perspective gave my job an added vibrancy and vivacity. The Construction Group works on a broad mixture of contentious and non-contentious construction matters. A highlight of my seat was commencing proceedings in the Technology and Construction division of the High Court whilst getting to grips with the new disclosure regime. I was particularly interested by the work the Group is doing in the renewable energy sector; I was able to get involved in a high value offshore wind dispute and also take part in business development work in this area.

All London Trainees are on a rotation at a local pro bono clinic, this is a great chance to give back to the community and also increase legal skills.

I am currently a second seat Trainee sitting with the Energy and Resources group in HFW's Singapore office. The chance for all Trainees to do an international seat is truly fantastic. Singapore is a substantial arbitration hub and I have been heavily involved in a variety of different arbitrations. In general, Trainees often find they are given a higher level of responsibility in the international offices, for me this has meant that I have had one-to-one client meetings, drafted pleadings and attended networking events. Singapore itself is a great city to live in, the pace, culture and cosmopolitan atmosphere have meant that I have really valued my time living here.

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