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A Global career


Gordon Rieck

Dubai. A place of sand and souks, engineering feats unrivalled across the globe, iftars and brunches and my home for the past six months courtesy of HFW's commitment to sending all its Trainees abroad on an international secondment.

HFW's presence in Dubai is part of the firm's longstanding commitment to the region and the office is energetic and vibrant, mirroring the character of Dubai itself. With ten Partners and over twenty further fee-earners the scope of work available to a Trainee is wide and working for a variety of Associates and teams is commonplace and encouraged. My focus during my time in Dubai was on transactional matters and consequently I was exposed to the Corporate, Energy and the Finance teams. I was given high-level responsibility and I was entrusted with a plethora of different tasks, ranging from drafting transaction documents to aiding in the product of a due diligence report.

Dubai itself is full of hidden gems as well as world famous attractions. The Burj Khalifa is not only the symbol of the region's rapid development and growing importance in global matters but also provides exhilarating views. The souks overwhelm your senses with foreign sounds, sights and smells. The Dubai Mall is incredible and the infamous brunches attempt to turn afternoon dining into an art form.

Add to that is the ability to use Dubai as a base to discover the charms of Oman, Beirut or Kerala and you will be amazed by both the cultural and learning experiences that you can enjoy during a secondment in Dubai.