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Why HFW?

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an important part of HFW's culture and ethos, and we are committed to expanding the work we do in this area.

Community Investment:





Conor Cahill - Associate, London

During my training contract I regularly volunteered at a legal advice centre in Morden Legal Advice Centre once every five weeks. The centre is a 'drop in' clinic at which members of the public can get free legal advice.

At each session, HFW provides a team of three Trainees, along with a qualified solicitor (the group leader). Each volunteer is given two members of the public to advise. Prior to the session we only receive very basic details of their problem.

The first task for the adviser is to get as much information from the client as possible, so it is important to know the right questions to ask! As a Trainee, the sessions require you to think on your feet as the clients will often ask you questions that cover areas of law of which you have no experience.

Following the session we draft a letter of advice to the client. This requires you to think practically as you have to weigh up the options available from a legal perspective with what your client can actually afford. Over the last year, I have advised clients on matters such as unfair dismissal, discrimination in the work place and eviction from rented property. Advising at Morden is extremely rewarding. It's a steep learning curve, but the clients are usually very grateful and the advice you give has the potential to make a huge difference to their lives.